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Fun and Stimulating

"Minsub Lee has been an excellent tutor through and through, and he is genuinely one of the best that I have been with. He puts care and thought into each of his different students, and tailors what he teaches for the students' needs. He also doesn't make the tutoring sessions boring, and often comes up with fun, stimulating examples to work with. He's an amazing tutor through and through!"

-J.C., high school senior student

Creative and Helpful

"제가 대학원 에세이로 많은 어려움을 겪고있을때 민섭쌤이 많은 도움을 줬어요! 아이디어도 제시를 해주고 또 선생님이 예전에 지원할때 썼었던 에세이도 참고하라고 보내줬어요. 계속 옆에서 응원해주면서 많은 팁과 정보를 공유해줘서 얼마나 힘이 됬는지 몰라요! 그리고 글쓰기를 잘해서 제가 에세이 다 쓰고나서도 검토도 해주고 더 좋아질수 있도록 진짜 많이 도와줬어요! 바쁜 시간에도 저를 또 다른 학생들을 위해서 노력해주고 도와주는게 너무 고마웠어요! 지금 그 에세이 덕에 대학원에서 인터뷰 제의가 오고 있네요! 고맙습니다 민섭샙!"

-H.K., Prospective Graduate Student

Great Mentor

"Minsub mentored and helped me through some of my courseworks (general and organic chemistry, biochemistry, and microbiology) during my undergraduate curriculum.  He clarified so much information that my professor and TAs glimpsed over.  He was extremely patient, and always provided encouraging words whenever I felt lost. My grades significantly improved under his mentorship. I strongly recommend Minsub for a tutor because he will give great value to your education!"

-Richard, recent college graduate

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